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Nestled amidst a network of some 800 scattered islands and vibrant coral reefs, the island of Pila in Myanmar was known only to the indigenous people of the Mergui Archipelago, the Moken, for centuries, and only opened to foreigners in the late 1990s. Since then, the island has remained relatively untouched by the ravages of modernisation. Its newest resort, Awei Pila, aims to maintain the balance of the island’s ecosystem while simultaneously providing guests with an exclusive resort to call home.

Awei Pila is one of the scarce few resorts on the island, and it prides itself in its unique brand of sustainable luxury. Each of its 24 tented villas strives to integrate itself into islands untouched beauty, taking design cues from the natives’ nomadic seafaring lifestyle – the Moken only come ashore to live during the monsoon season, building their homes out of light, tented structures.

So uncharted is the island that it is believed that there several undiscovered beaches remain on Pila. Strict regulations on the use of plastics and pollutions in Awei Pila also help the island maintain its otherworldly aura, and the resort offers numerous nature experiences – including trekking tours and snorkelling – to help guests understand the surrounding ecosystem more.