14 Cruises You Should Only Take in Winter — Reader’s Digest

By Jill Schildhouse

Some destinations are best explored by boat just as snow begins falling in North America—so grab your passport and hit the high seas before spring arrives.

Myanmar (formerly Burma)

One of the world’s last uncharted seas, Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago comprises 800 islands, atolls, and coral reefs in the Andaman Sea off southern Burma. “Because of the monsoon season between May and October, the seas are rough—sailing is therefore restricted to a period of cool dry season between November 1 and April 30,” says Eric Poepper, operations director with Burma Boating. “This is a family-friendly cruise, but better for the intrepid traveler due to the mystique and lack of infrastructure.” Electricity and Internet at the port are variable, and, in general, Myanmar infrastructure is about 30 years behind that of neighboring Thailand. What else is in Myanmar? Bagan, one of the richest archeological sites in Asia—it’s one of the 15 natural wonders you’ve never heard of.

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