Luxury Sailing Holidays in Myanmar's Fabulous Mergui Archipelago 

Located just across the Thai border, explore a series of well-known islands at the Mergui Archipelago. From white beaches to emerald lagoons and snorkelling in crystalline waters, discover the beauty of Mergui's magical Southern Islands.

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Some of Our Yachts

Y-Not is a true high-performance sailing yacht which combines excellent manoeuvrability, impressive speed, and 3 spacious guest cabins. Her sophisticated exterior and interior spaces create a comfortable and luxurious voyage for all.

SY Y-Not

SY Meta IV

A sanctuary out at sea, Meta IV fuses the traditional beauty of woodwork with modern amenities, 4 spacious guest cabins and world-class service standards. Since Fall 2012, she has been creating unforgettable getaways as a luxury charter vessel and was fully revamped in 2018.
At Burma Boating, we organize sailing holidays in Burma (Myanmar) and beyond.

Born out of the passion of a few inspired sailors that stumbled across the spellbinding waters of the Mergui Archipelago, Burma Boating invites the world to uncover a secret too good not to share. Experience a truly luxurious, exciting odyssey through the pristine waters of the Andaman Sea with a well-maintained fleet.

The best time for sailing in the Mergui is between November and April. Conditions during December to February are perfect, with warm, sunny weather, a steady 20 knots of wind, and calm seas. March and April have less wind, which is why they are the best time for diving and snorkelling with clear water.
Burma Boating offers cabin charters and private yacht charters in Myanmar's amazing Mergui Archipelago

Luxurious Sailing Holidays

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