Mawlamyaing, also known as Moulmein is one of the largest cities in Myanmar and the capital of the Mon State. Furthermore, it is a major centre for trade and communications, it boasts one of the country’s busiest ports, while a bridge — the longest in the nation at 7.8 kilometers — links it with neighboring Martaban city. Notable sights include the Kyaik Tan Lan Pagoda, the university, colonial architecture and numerous buzzing markets. The city’s laidback atmosphere is best enjoyed along the waterfront, which provides an enjoyable setting for people watching, especially in the cool evenings when locals partake in a promenade before dining.

Mawlamyaing is famous for its many old colonial buildings, markets and fresh seafood. The city is located at the Thanlwin River. Extending 2,400 kilometers from its source on the Tibetan plateau, the Salween is Southeast Asia’s second-longest river after the Mekong. Its basin spans some 320,000km2 — an area about the size of Germany — and the river provides a livelihood for more than 10 million people. It widens at its mouth near Mawlamyaing, the state capital of Mon State, from where a number of river cruises embark upstream through rice fields and past limestone karsts.

The main attractions of the city include the street running across the river called Strand Road, where you can watch a beautiful sunset at the end of the evening. The Pagoda on the Hill, Kyeik Than Lan Pagoda, offers stunning views over the city. This Pagoda was erected during the reign of King Mutpi Raja, and has a height of 46 meters. Furthermore, Uzina Paya is another hilltop pagoda on the south of the city centre. This temple has a giant gold-leaf clad stupa and a reclining-buddha image, with more sweeping views across the bay to Bilu Island. In addition to the religious sites, you can visit some markets in the town with not only fresh vegetables and fruit but also fresh seafood. However, you can also take a river cruise on the Thanlwin River and enjoy the views on the riverbanks.

We encourage you, to add this city to your next itinerary and explore Myanmar’s charming old colonial town that has a lot to offer, ranging from colonial architecture, important religious monuments, incredible city views and river cruises.