Loikaw is the capital of the Kayah State, which is located in the Karen Hills. You will discover the beautiful Kayah Hill Scenery and a large number of distinctive tribal cultures. Kayah State is most famous for its “long-necked” women, which traditionally wear rings around their necks. Furthermore, besides beautiful nature and interesting culture you are able to visit golden pagodas and monuments.

Kay Htein Bo Festival

Kay Htein Bo festival is the major religious festival celebrated for three days in late March or early April. This particular festival honors the belief, which the creator God created the world by planting a post on earth. During this festival, a Kay Htoe Boe pole is erected and it’s rounded by the contributors’ dancing. This festival is celebrated in order to worship the eternal God and creator messenger, thanking them for the blessings during the year, appealing for forgiveness and praying for the rain. It’s an opportunity for Kayan people from all different villages to gather to keep the unity of the tribe. Nowadays, this annual Kay Htein Bo festival is always being held together with “chicken bones reading astrology” to envisage the people’s fortune for the upcoming year.