The capital of Karen State, Hpa-An is a small, lively city situated on the Thanlwin River, which thrives mainly from trade with neighboring country Thailand. The attractions revolve around a colorful market, the river port and a Buddhist temple decorated with frescoes warning against sins such as narcotics and lust. Among the region most sacred sights, you can climb the 2000 steps until the top of the Mount Zwekabin, located in the East of Hpa An.

Kayin New Year Festival

Kayin New Year is considered as the national day in Myanmar, and the date of the celebrations varies among years since its calculation bases on the lunar moon calendar. It is held on the first day of the moon month of Pyatho.

Mount ZweKaBin

Rising above the surrounding rice fields to a height of 700-metres, this limestone peak is one of the region’s most sacred sites. At the grassy fields at its base stand thousands of Buddha statues in neat lines.

Kyauk Ka-Lat Pagoda

Marooned on a small circular lake, this pagoda tops a limestone concretion and is accessible by stairs carved in the rock. This is a favourite spot for relaxation and contemplation.

Kaw Goon Cave

Known as the “Cave of the Ten Thousand Buddhas”, Kaw Goon is arguably the most spectacular and best-preserved cave in the region. Legend has it that the first statues were carved here in the 7th century.

Bayint Nyi Cave

Just on the way to city, stop at Bayint Nyi Cave, a beautiful natural cave on the mountain with views of paddy fields. There is a natural hot water spring where locals come to worship and pray for prosperity and good health.

Sadan Cave

Another natural wonder, this cave opens into a vast arched room with walls adorned with thousands of tiny Buddha sculptures in the shape of sacred symbols and animals. At the bottom of the cave, a stupa marks the entrance to a tunnel that continues for a few hundred metres into the rock.

Kha-Yone Cave

Just outside of the city stop at Kha Yone Cave, a beautiful natural cave where locals come to worship and say their prayers to ask for good health and prosperity. Kha‐Yone Cave is one of the natural limestone caves in Kha‐Yone Village, (Kyaikmayaw Township) in Mon State to the direction of Mawlamyaing.

Ya Thea Pyan Cave

Ya Thea Pyan Cave was known in the colonial literature as P’agat Cave. The current name Ya Thea Pyan translates as Hermit Cave (as Ya Thea mean hermit).

Kawt Kathaung Cave

Just 10 minutes’ drive from Hpa‐An, Kawt Kathaung Cave, is a natural cave with fresh water spring where locals came not only for pilgrimage but always to soak themselves in the pool.

Bat Cave

Every day at sunset, a swarm of bats emerges through a crevice in a massive cave on the bank of the Salween to hunt for food. This spectacle was previously off limits to foreigners, due to a curfew, however it can now be witnessed by all.

U Nar Ouat Monastery & Village

In Kadoe Kawnat village, visit Kawnat Monastery, a magnificent building featuring beautiful woodcarving. It was built a century ago by a villager named U Nar Ouat, who was famed in those days for his wealth and generosity.

Eain Du Traditional Hand Weaving Village

On the way out of Hpa‐An to Sadan Cave, Eain Du Karen Village is famous for a short village to see local traditional hand weaving workshop .