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Our Keinnara Eco-Lodges are lodging complexes with less rooms combining comfort and luxury in a rustic or rural setting providing laid-back atmosphere and personalised service. Eco-lodges tend to be more remote, located in relatively pristine natural environments such as beaches, jungles and mountains.


The capital of Karen State, Hpa-An is a small, lively city situated on the Thanlwin River, which thrives mainly from trade with neighboring country Thailand. The attractions revolve around a colorful market, the river port and a Buddhist temple decorated with frescoes warning against sins such as narcotics and lust. 

Keinnara Lodge Hpa-An

The inspiration for the Keinnara Hpa-An emerged during a dinner in Yangon among a group of Burmese and foreign friends, who have been living and working in Myanmar for many years.

They thought that while the southern states were open for tourism, the region lacked anything in the way of high-quality accommodation. With the goal of attracting visitors away from the established tourist circuit to an exciting new destination, they set about realising their dream.