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Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago is home to some of Southeast Asia’s best diving, our dive team will take you to discover some of the best dive sites in the region such as Shark Cave and Rocky Island, home of different species of Clown fish, Spiny lobsters, Ghost Shrimps, Stingrays plus schools of barracudas, yellow tails and fusiliers that will literally block your view and leave you amazed.



Visit to the Moken village

The Austronesian people of the Mergui Archipelago, living a semi-nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle heavily based on the sea. Their knowledge of the sea enables them to live off its fauna and flora by using simple tools such as nets and spears to forage for food. What is not consumed is dried on top of their boats, then used as barter for other necessities at local markets.

During the monsoon season, they relocate to dry-land into temporary huts and use this time to build additional boats. Normally they live in small hand-crafted wooden boats, which serve not just as transportation, but also as kitchen, bedroom, and living area. Aside from ancestor worship, the Moken have no religion.



Trekking, Hiking and Bird Watching

Hike through the virgin forests, home of gibbons, pythons, civet cats, huge monitor lizards and the rabbit-sized mouse deer. An island remained untouched by the outside world over the years. Hornbills, kites, white-bellied sea eagles and kingfishers are common sights. Others like pacific reef egrets, frigate birds, green imperial pigeons and emerald doves add to the diversity.