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Our AWEI resorts can be defined as lodging complexes, which provide for most a vacationer’s wish while remaining on the premises, such as food, drinks, sports, recreational activities, excursions, wellbeing and wellness, offering an array of amenities and services.

Mergui Archipelago

The Mergui Archipelago lies off the far south coast of Myanmar. It’s comprised of hundreds of islands that have coral reefs and beaches. The Mergui is home to the seafaring indigenous Moken people. It’s a heaven for birds, notably the plain-pouched hornbill, as well as marine life like dugongs and turtles.

Awei Pila Resort

Mergui Archipelago
Located 80 km from the shoreline of Kawthaung, on the northernmost beach of Pila Island. This secluded beach is surrounded by virgin forest with views out to the open Andaman Sea. The natural bay embraces a 600 metre long beach front, which is divided into two zones by a large rock formation, granting a select number of units further privacy.
When designing the yurt guestrooms of the Awei Pila Resort at one of the virgin islands in the Mergui Archipelago, Daniel West came up with the authentic idea of achieving an adventure-oriented passion and theme to the structure.

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