Incredible. Extraordinary. Untouched.

Discover a unique underwater world at the Mergui Archipelago, one of Asia’s last scuba diving frontiers featuring a rich marine life, pristine waters and amazing island escapes. We welcome all to explore the Andaman Sea whether you are a certified diver or looking to get certified.

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Awei Pila Dive Centre

We offer all levels of PADI diving courses including:
  • Discover Scuba Diving
  • Open Water Diver
  • Advanced Course
  • Dive Master 

Our professional dive team at Awei Pila Dive Centre offers you:

  • Luxfer 12 litre-aluminum tanks, Aqua Lung regulators & BCDs, and Bauer air compressors
  • 12 dive sites to explore, ranging from 12 to 30 meters deep, within
    15 to 60 minutes from Awei Pila resort
  • Courses conducted in many different languages – please enquire
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Explore the Extraordinary at the Mergui Archipelago

It’s your chance to explore Myanmar’s best dive sites, including Shark Cave (aka Three Islets) and Rocky Island.

There are many types of diving environments in the Archipelago, including offshore reefs with great visibility and healthier corals, or small rocky islands which attract larger marine life such as sharks and rays. 

Must-visit Dive Sites

Untouched Land, Crystalline Seas

The waters here were closed off until 1997, leaving them relatively unexplored and untouched.

As one of Southeast Asia’s best-kept secrets, Mergui Archipelago offers more than 800 islands, countless soft and hard corals to explore, and crystalline waters to swim in.
At the modern and luxurious Awei Pila, where our dive centre resides, your needs are taken care of.

Get the rest you need between dives at this incredible private island resort. Enjoy absolute seclusion and pampering while exploring the waters of the Mergui Archipelago.

Rich and Exotic Marine Life

Look out for the frogfish, baby seahorse, the whitetip reef shark and even bigger stingrays. Spend an entire day diving here and not see the same thing twice.

There is also an incredible variety of smaller fish and reef invertebrates, many of which are not found in neighbouring waters.