Memories Group is a tourism company in Myanmar that operates an “Integrated Tourism Platform” which synergistically connects all its businesses to provide a seamless, one-of-a-kind experience aimed at creating lasting memories.

The Memories Group’s strategy is to leverage on its first mover advantage and further establish its position as a leading tourism company in Myanmar. The Memories Group’s Integrated Tourism Platform comprises three business segments: Hotels, Experiences and Services:

Hotels, resorts and lodges throughout the country’s major tourist and business destinations, as well as the development of new high potential tourism destinations in Myanmar.

Businesses providing experiences such as hot air balloons, trekking, boating, diving and eco-tourism.

Travel and destination management services, creating new opportunities to explore regions previously unknown to international travellers.


Our mission: To be the first choice in creating warm and genuine memories of Myanmar and beyond.

Our vision: Become the leading travel & tourism company in Myanmar in a sustainable way of developing our economic assets.

Core values: Excellence / Expertise / Responsibility / Leadership